Mustache Robot Inspiration

We just finished our second design for glass earlier this week. We usually call him Mustache Robot, but I got the inspiration for the design from one of my favorite childhood stories. The original idea came from the L. Frank Baum books that came after The Wizard of OZ. I loved everything about Baum’s books and the movies based on them. The original artwork from the book Tik Tok of Oz, illustrated by John R. Neill started me off, but I was also thinking of another rendering of this character. One of my favorite movies as a kid was Return to Oz. From what I’ve read it was panned by all the critics and watching it as an adult I realize it was pretty dark for a kids movie but I loved it anyway. So this version of Tik Tok also crossed my mind as I was designing our newest robot.

Here’s a picture of the cut design applied to one of the pint glasses just before the etching phase.


You can see the design is cut in reverse so that the open area to be etched becomes the final design left on the glass.

- Brooke

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