Website and photographs update

(… and other nerdy things.)

I’m spending today tweaking the website, taking product shots and general nerd stuff.

Here is a run down on what I’m working on.


I added an RSS feed to the the website and added it to the site headers for (hopefully) easy integration.

Added the Facebook “Like” box that you see to your right. Please feel free to like us!

Brooke finished up the first round of changes to the vinyl decal application instructions. She even let me release it under a permissive license for some feel good geek goodness.


I want to add a few new shots for our etched beer glass. Photographing glass has proven to be a bit difficult, but we’re getting better at it.

I’ve been also experimenting with a light box.


This was quickly put together after reading a couple articles. I need tweak it some more, add a few more lights and better backdrops. I’ll try to do a write up once it’s more stable.

Other Nerdy Things

I’m a Linux nerd, both personally and professionally. I’m taking steps to move our shop completely to Linux. The first steps are to get the equipment we use to run on Linux. Since the software that is available is, well, leaves a lot to desired, I’m looking into writing some tools to help us out. It’s a big project and if all goes well, I’ll do a follow up.

Oh. Did you know we have a twitter feed too?

- Scott

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