Applying Your New Vinyl Decal

1. Choose and prepare the surface. Your decal will adhere well to most smooth, clean and hard surface. Use water and/or a non-ammonia based surface cleaner to remove any dirt from the area where you wish to apply your decal. Be sure the surface is thoroughly dry before applying the decal.

Please Note! Decals will not adhere to some plastics and freshly waxed vehicles.

2. Your vinyl decal will come to you sandwiched between a layer of transfer tape and a layer of paper that backs the decal. Looking something like this.

3. Use a squeegee (a credit card works well) to rub the decal sandwiched between the vinyl backing and the transfer tape. Make sure that the decal is adhering well to the clear transfer tape.

4. Once the decal has fully transferred to the transfer tape slowly peel back the transfer tape and decal.

5. Align the decal without touching the decal or transfer tape to the surface. If you’re very concerned about being exact you may want to use pencil marks to guide your placement.

6. Now place the decal onto the surface slowly, starting at the center and working out for big, wide designs or at one end for smaller designs. Make sure the decal doesn’t touch the surface at an unintended spot. Readjustment may be difficult or impossible once the decal has made contact with the surface.

7. Use a squeegee to slowly press the decal onto the surface. Work from the center and continue outward until all parts of the decal have transferred to the surface.

8. Slowly begin to peel back the transfer tape making sure to leave the decal behind on the surface. If parts of the decal do not stick to the surface place transfer tape back over the problem area and use the squeegee to press the decal onto the surface.

9. Once the transfer tape has been completely removed use the squeegee to lightly press out any air bubbles and ensure that the decal has fully adhered to the surface.

Your decal will now stay in place until you remove it. Enjoy!


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