Spare Room Workshop offers the following products and services.


We offer short run, one off and customization of t-shirts.  This service is perfect for small clubs, sports teams, beer leagues or even that great idea you had for a t-shirt last year!  We can also work with designers and offer them short runs to test the market out before committing to a larger run.

We also sell our own designs!

Etched Glass

We can etch your design onto a glass.  Great for gifts and for the home brewer.  We also offer own have our own designs we sell at our etsy shop and feature on the blog from time to time.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can be used on just about any smooth hard and flat surface.  People use them for wall art and on cars.  There are many applications for vinyl decals.

Draw Your Own T-Shirt!

We created a quick process that takes your drawing and ends up on a t-shirt!  We take this one to events and people really enjoy it.  Click on the link above to see some examples of awesome shirts that people are creating then get thinking on what you would want on a t-shirt!

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