Draw Your Own T-Shirt!

We think just about everyone has an idea or two for a great T-shirt. Whether its a joke among friends, a favorite character or a personalized design… its pretty cool to wear a shirt you’ve drawn and designed yourself.

Draw your own T-shirt! We can turn your drawing into a fashion statement.

Consider your purchase a custom product! It will likely be necessary to discuss the details of your design throughout the process. We want you to be happy with the final result. Below are some tips for making and sending a drawing that will become an awesome shirt.


We’ve done draw your own T shirts at events! Check out the album below for examples of what people have done.


Some general guidelines:

  • Best results are achieved through hand drawings in a solid color.
  • We recommend you make your drawing using pencil and paper then trace your finished drawing with a bold marker. (ie Sharpie)
  • Keep designs simple. Avoid gradients or fine textures.
  • Your design should be a line drawing, our process wont work with photographic images.

Send us your design in a variety of ways. You can scan the image (recommended) or take a digital photo and email us the file. Or if you’d prefer, e-mail us for a physical address where you can mail your design.

We offer T-shirts in Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Baby’s sizes in a variety of colors. We can also offer a variety of colors for your drawing. Please convo us with your preference for t shirt size and color as well as your choice of design color.


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